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We're also available on Tune In Radio and most WiFi radios.   Just search for "Conyers Old Time Radio" to find us on those apps and platforms.   If you have an Amazon device, ask Alexa to play "Conyers Radio".

Programs are played favoring today's date in history when available.

All times Eastern Time USA - Currently 

Current Segment:   

Our Christmas Marathon is currently running!!   12 days of the very best Christmas programs and music from the 1930's, 40's and 50's  -  literally all the old classics!   

The playlist is here...

We'll return to the scheduled programming on January 1st!
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A big Thank You to Jay Lichtenauer, KC9AYH, operator of Antioch OTR for all his help
and for letting me use his custom software "Radiologik OTR".

If you're a music DJ, please try out his consumer product Radiologik.
More website updates to come!   Check back often!
Some notes...

    10/3/2018    Grace Digital tech support pushed out the new stream info through Reciva.  If you have a WiFi internet radio you may/will need to search for "Conyers", then select the station and while it's playing re-set your pre-set.  You should see the station is now running at 64k.