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Jean Hersholt Album Inside Front Cover
Jean Hersholt Photo
Celebrating The 25th Screen Anniversary Of America's Most Beloved Actor Jean Hersholt
Presented By The Makers Of Vaseline Preparations

On March 7, 1938, it will be 25 years since I made my first picture in Hollywood and during these years I've collected photographs from every film I've been in. Many of these photographs are without duplicate. I've selected some of the outstanding still pictures from my collection for this Album. Together they constitute a Cavalcade of Hollywood. I hope you enjoy looking at these photographs as much as I've enjoyed playing in the pictures...and I'm sure they'll bring back to you many fond memories.   Jean Hersholt

Jean Hersholt Photos At Various Ages
Jean Hersholt As Shirley Temple's Grandfather In Heidi, 1937
Born in Denmark, but for many years now an American citizen, Jean Hersholt's career is one of the most interesting of Hollywood success stories. Here you see him in various stages...and ages.

As Shirley Temple's Grandfather
In "HEIDI", Jean Hersholt scored a triumph as the crabby old grandfather of Shirley Temple...with a heart of gold! You see him here with Shirley Temple in one of the loveliest pictures of the sensational little star ever taken. A 20th Century-Fox picture made in 1937.

Jean Hersholt With Sonja Henie, 1937
Jean Hersholt With Don Ameche, 1936
With Sonja Henie
Jean Hersholt has played Sonja's father in two pictures...the latest "HAPPY LANDING." A 20th Century-Fox production. 1937.

Don Ameche Fans
...will recall this scene from the "SINS OF MAN," adapted from the book "Job" by Joseph Roth. Don Ameche is easily recognized but would you believe that is Jean Hersholt? A 20th Century-Fox picture. 1936.

Jean Hersholt With Dorothy Peterson, 1935
Jean Hersholt The Country Doctor, 1935
The Country Doctor
Most famous of all Jean Hersholt's starring pictures was the "COUNTRY DOCTOR." Here are several different shots...among them the mirth-provoking scene with the sheriff, the astounded father, and the very competent country doctor...also a scene with Dorothy Peterson who played the nurse... This is the kind of role Jean Hersholt is making famous over the radio, too, in "Dr. Christian." A 20th Century-Fox production. 1935.

Jean Hersholt With Dorothy Peterson, 1935
Jean Hersholt With Clark Gable And Myrna Loy, 1934
A rare picture, indeed, of Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Taylor taken together. The title of the picture was "HIS BROTHER'S WIFE" and it was a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer production. 1935.

Yes -- It's Clark Gable and -- Myrna Loy
With these two popular favorites, Jean Hersholt made "MEN IN WHITE" for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. It was acclaimed one of the best pictures of 1934.

Jean Hersholt With Katharine Hepburn, 1934
Jean Hersholt With Ann Harding, 1934
Lovely Katie Hepburn
... played "BREAK OF HEARTS" with Jean Hersholt for RKO, also in the year 1934.

Ann Harding -- Blonde And Beautiful
She and Jean Hersholt played together in "THE FOUNTAIN" from the best seller of the same name, by Charles Morgan. RKO made the picture in 1934. A banner year for Jean Hersholt!

Jean Hersholt With Jean Harlow, 1933
Jean Hersholt With Helen Hayes, 1932
Jean Harlow
The title of this picture was "THE BEAST OF THE CITY" made by M-G-M in 1933. From left to right the players are Jean Hersholt, Tully Marshall, Jean Harlow, and Walter Huston. Pictures of the late Jean Harlow are greatly prized today.

Helen Hayes, Regina
One of the greatest artists the American stage has produced is Helen Hayes. Here you see her in the first picture she made... "THE SIN OF MADELON CLAUDET" ...She was an instant sensation in it, too, winning the Academy Award for 1932. At the left is Jean Hersholt, again in a doctor role. The lady in the middle is Marie Prevost. This was an M-G-M production.

Jean Hersholt With The Cast Of Grand Hotel, 1932
Jean Hersholt With Marie Dressler, 1931
Greatest All-Star Cast Of All
Here you see the finest all-star cast ever assembled in a Hollywood picture. It is "GRAND HOTEL," an M-G-M production of 1932. Reading from left to right, the stars are:  Lewis Stone, Lionel Barrymore, Wallace Beery, Joan Crawford, Greta Garbo, John Barrymore, and Jean Hersholt.

Beloved Marie Dressler
There will never be another star like the richly human Marie Dressler, and thanks to Jean Hersholt this fine picture of her has been preserved. It was taken when they were both appearing in "EMMA", an M-G-M production, 1931.

Jean Hersholt With Greta Garbo, 1930
Jean Hersholt With Norma Shearer, 1927
The Great Garbo
Film fans are lucky indeed to get their hands on a Garbo picture. Here she is as she looked in 1930 when she played "SUSAN LENOX" with Jean Hersholt. They have made several other pictures together, too. Clark Gable had his first big chance in this picture, also, and it was made in 1930 by M-G-M.

Norma Shearer as "Kathie"
One of the most popular stories of all time is "THE STUDENT PRINCE." Here you see Norma Shearer as "Kathie," and Jean Hersholt in a silent non-musical version made in 1927 by M-G-M, with Ernst Lubitsch directing. There is talk now of a revival with music.

Jean Hersholt With Douglas Fairbanks, Sr., 1924
Jean Hersholt With Constance Talmadge, 1921
Dashing Doug
This is a scene from "DON Q," made by United Artists in 1924. Those were the days when the S.R.O. signs were out at all theatres showing Douglas Fairbanks (Sr.) pictures. Here you see the dashing Doug tweaking Jean Hersholt's nose. That's Warner Oland looking on.

Remember Constance Talmadge?
What real picture fan will ever forget this delightful comedienne who was the bright particular star of the nineteen-twenties. Here she is with Jean Hersholt in "THE GOLDFISH." First National made it in 1921.

Jean Hersholt With Mary Pickford, 1922
Jean Hersholt With Rudolph Valentino, 1920
America's Sweetheart
Another rare picture preserved by Jean Hersholt is this one of himself and Mary Pickford in "TESS OF THE STORM COUNTRY." The film put America's Sweetheart on the pinnacle she has occupied ever since in the hearts of the people of this and many other lands. A United Artists production... 1922.

Valentino And "The Four Horsemen"
There he is at the extreme left. Rudolph Valentino in his first great picture, "THE FOUR HORSEMEN OF THE APOCALYPSE." That's Jean Hersholt at the extreme right. Alice Terry was in the film and so was Wallace Beery. It was a memorable picture, made by the old Metro Company in 1920.

Jean Hersholt Photos Of Various Roles
Jean Hersholt Character Actor
Hollywood's Greatest Character Actor
Here are some pictures of JEAN HERSHOLT in various outstanding character roles. Make-up makes the man in film land. That and clever and versatile acting.

(left page, left to right)
"SINS OF MAN" 1936 20th Century-Fox
"STELLA DALLAS" 1924 United Artists
"THE OLD SOAK" 1925 Universal

(right page, left to right)
"THE WRONG MR. WRIGHT" 1927 Universal
"IT MUST BE LOVE" 1925 First National
"TESS OF THE STORM COUNTRY" 1922 United Artists

Jean Hersholt As Dr. Christian With Gale Gordon And Rosemary De Camp

"Dr. Christian"
This is a studio scene at KNX, Hollywood, of Gale Gordon (Roy Davis, the druggist), Rosemary De Camp (Judy Price, the secretary) and Jean Hersholt (Dr. Christian) broadcasting their popular stories woven around the life of the small town, River's End. The program appears Coast to Coast on the Columbia Broadcasting System every Sunday afternoon ... sponsored by the makers of "VASELINE" preparations.