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Bob Merritt
1704 Little Brook Drive SW
Conyers, GA 30094-4000

2024 Donations Received:   $525.00         2024 Fundraising Goal:   $1200.00

Expense Costs Extended Cost
Plus various old time radio transcription discs, reels and program purchases I make throughout the year for us.

For instance, I just purchased a complete high quality set of Theater Guild / U.S. Steel Hour for $525.00 for our library.   ...and I've placed orders for HQ sets of Richard Diamond, ABC Mystery Time, One Man's Family, Red Skelton and more WWII material to run on D-Day!

2024 Fundraising Goal:   $1200.00
Primary Streaming Host $17.00 x 12 $204
Holiday Streaming Host $12.00 x 12 $144
Website Hosting $12.00 x 12 $144
Domain Registratiions $15.00 x 2 $30
OTR Buying Group #1 - Ted Davenport / Corey Harker $40.00 x 12 $480
OTR Buying Group #2 - OTRRPG $5.00 x 12 $60
       GRAND TOTAL $1062

All donations go towards off-setting the costs of streaming
or purchase of new and higher quality programs.

Currently running two servers, each with 1000 listener slots at 64kbps!

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A huge Thank You goes out to everyone who donated in 2023!

Date 2023 Program Acquisitions # Episodes Costs

This year I'm tracking all our high quality program acquisitions.   I buy lossless wav or flac files from various sources to upgrade our OTR library for the best sound available.   Yes many, many shows are available for free as poorly transferred mp3's from the past, but I avoid those whenever possible.   I also look for rare and uncirculated programs on transcription discs and reels.   I transfer, clean and restore the audio myself.

There is a time lag between when I purchase a program and when it finally shows up in the scheduler.   I screen each and every show which takes time.

1/2/2023 Reels - The Guiding Light 48 $73.82
1/13/2023 It's A Crime Mr Collins, Jack Armstrong, Jerry At The Fair Oaks, Jerry Of The Circus, John Steele Adventurer 409 $200.00
1/27/2023 Mr and Mrs North 85 $525.00
2/5/2023 Moon Over Africa 28 $24.00
2/13/2023 Roy Rogers 106 $525.00
3/17/2023 Sherlock Holmes, Hobbs and Shelley 56 $40.00
    Grand Totals 732 $467.82
    Average Cost Per Episode $0.64